Turkey: ETUCE’s Turkish member organisation Egitim-Sen seriously impacted by recent bomb attack


Last weekend Ankara was hit hard by violence when two bomb attacks killed and injured many peaceful demonstrators in Turkey’s capital Ankara. The grief in Turkey is unspeakably great. According to Egitim-Sen , ETUCE’s member organisation in Turkey, the country mourns the loss of about ninety seven  people while more than two hundred people were injured. Also some of Egitim-Sen’s members were reported among the victims who were violated or killed when they were out on the streets demonstrating for peace.

It is with dismay that ETUCE has learned about the horrific bomb attacks and its impact. The irrational and meaningless violence causing nothing but immense human sufferings, grief and anger among so many families, is shocking. ETUCE strongly condemns this terroristic act which obviously meant to endanger peace, stability and democracy in Turkey and forwarded its expression of deepest sympathy and solidarity with Egitim-Sen and its members. During these sad days of mourning and despair after the cowardly and barbaric attacks which have inflicted pain on so many people, it is difficult to grasp the enormous challenges in return to normal daily routines.

The Turkish society will need much strength and courage for this hard time of rebuilding what has been damaged or even destroyed in the hearts of the families, friends and colleagues. These are times when strong compassion and solidarity is needed more than ever. Now, when people have been hit hard by the impacts of terror Egitim-Sen members can rely on the remarkable support of their teachers’ union. ETUCE hopes that the people in Turkey will be able to cope with this situation and return even stronger, committed and constantly supporting democracy, human rights and peaceful coexistence.