ETUCE Statement: European education community against the large scale violation of Turkish education employees’ rights


More than 15,000 Turkish education employees, among them EGITIM SEN members, have been dismissed from their duties by the Turkish government based on suspicions about their alleged involvement in the Fethullahist Terrorist Organisation (FETÖ). The Turkish Council of Higher Education (YÖK) has prohibited all academics from travelling abroad until further notice.

ETUCE expresses its outright indignation to the recent unacceptable developments in Turkey. ETUCE urges the Turkish government to immediately cease its aggressive and repressive actions against Turkish citizens, in particular education employees. ETUCE reminds the Turkish government that these undemocratic activities have repercussions on children and young people in Turkey and their future life. Therefore the Turkish government’s behaviour influences the future of the country as a whole. By repeatedly turning a deaf ear on the voice of society, the Turkish government undermines the education system and deprives children and young people from receiving high quality education.

ETUCE and its member organisations urge the Turkish government to:

  • cease all repressive actions against Turkish education employees that are explicit acts of dictatorship and undemocratic behaviour;
  • respect and guarantee academic freedom and quality education for all by involving education employees in all decisions concerning the education sector and recognising education trade unions as professional organsiations;
  • guarantee the provision of education employees’ decent working conditions by putting an end to prosecution and dismissals of Turkish teachers and improving the work environment;
  • guarantee the development of a democratic society by respecting human rights, fundamental freedoms such as the freedom of expression and speech and  the rule of law and justice.

ETUCE and its member organisations consider taking further immediate actions should the Turkish government continue to neglect demands of millions of education employees across Europe.

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