Sweden implements fast track training schemes for migrant teachers and preschool teachers


Eurydice has recently published an article reporting on good practices in Sweden regarding the integration of migrants into the Swedish labour market. Since Autumn 2016, five Swedish universities have started offering a new course for newly-arrived teachers and preschool teachers. The Swedish government launched this initiative to help new migrants with professional qualifications from their home countries integrate into the labour market in their host country, and obtain jobs in sectors where there is currently a shortage of workers.

The course comprises of theory and Swedish language classes at university, and a 26-week internship at a school or pre-school. Some parts of the course are given in Arabic, to ensure a quick understanding of the Swedish school system. This initiative can help contribute to a quick and successful economic and social integration of newly arrived migrant teachers, through educational and professional training.

ETUCE has reiterated in its resolution on the Refugee situation in Europe its commitment to support access and integration of migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and all those claiming international protection into education and the labour market, by encouraging education authorities and education institutions at all levels of education (especially in higher education where programmes in English are available) to offer learning opportunities to  migrants. In parallel, ETUCE encourages all member organisations to further step up their efforts regarding the EI Action Plan on realising the rights of migrants and refugees, which defends and promotes the right of migrant and refugee teachers, academics, researchers and education support personnel to teach.

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