Georgia: Social Partners in Education sign historic Sectoral Agreement


In celebration of the historical signing of the Sectoral Agreement on Education, ETUCE member organisation, the Educators’ and Scientists’ Free Trade Union of Georgia, ESFTUG, hosted the ceremony dedicated to such a ground-breaking milestone on 16  March 2017 in Tbilisi.

The Sectoral Agreement between the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia and ESFTUG recognises the representation and responsibility of the partners involved in designing education initiatives, laws and regulation, collective agreements and social dialogue. This is a significant leap forward for the education trade union as few years ago it was on the brink of collapse under severe attacks from the Ministry of Education and yellow unions.

Both parties recognised the importance of the agreement and the role of ETUCE during the reconciliation process. Martin Rømer congratulated the parties having reached a significant level of cooperation and pointed out that the implementation of the agreement was the next important step forward.

The decision of the Minister of Education and Science to sign the sectoral agreement shows clearly how democratic processes are developing and the  democratic management in the education sector is being established. It should be ensured that this agreement is considered as a firm guarantee for the protection of labour, social and economic, legal and professional rights of employees”, said Maia Kobakhidze, the President of ESFTUG.

The event gathered 300 guests, among whom were, officials from the Ministry of Education and Science, representatives from the diplomatic corps, ILO, education personnel, their district representatives and non-governmental organisations . The key speakers at the event were the Georgian Education Minister and Vice-Prime Minister, Aleksandre Jejelava, the President of ESFTUG, Maia Kobakhdize, and EI Senior Consultant to the General Secretary, and former ETUCE European Director (2010-2016), Martin Rømer.

ESFTUG will have the opportunity to present this historic agreement on the occasion of the ETUCE Committee on 3 – 4 April 2017.