Turkey: ‘We want our jobs back’ - Eğitim Sen hunger strikers’ life is at risk


Mesut Firat, Eğitim Sen General Secretary, once again urged the Turkish government to give in to the legitim demand of the union’s affiliates, Nuriye Gülmen, dismissed academic, and Semih Özakça, dismissed primary school teacher, who have been on hunger strike for an indefinite period of time since 9 March 2017. With this radical initiative, education workers wished to strengthen their demand to be reinstated in their duties. Today, as stated by Eğitim Sen, their health situation is extremely critical.

Eğitim Sen reported that following the state of emergency decree laws issued in the aftermath of the failed coup attempt, ten thousands of public workers lost their jobs and were left without livelihood. The Turkish education trade union notes with deep concern that at least thirty seven workers committed suicide after the adoption of the Turkish authorities’ decree laws. This critical situation is leaving a negative stigma on children that are exposed to severe traumas.

Mesut Firat said “All workers dismissed without ground of evidence should be reinstated in their duties. Our message is clear!