07 October 2017 marks the 10th Annual World Day for Decent Work, an event used to symbolise the continued struggle to ensure decent conditions for all workers across the globe, including teachers and education personnel.

ETUCE recognises that teachers are facing serious challenges in their fight for fair pay, fair working conditions and a high standard for health and safety. Whilst these may sound like basic necessities for workers, the reality is that many in the education profession do not have these necessities fulfilled by their employers. Commenting on this, ETUCE Director Susan Flocken said “Whilst it is disappointing to see so many teachers facing these conditions, the World Day for Decent Work gives us an opportunity to reflect on this and reaffirm our commitment to fighting for fair conditions for all teachers and education personnel”.

Working conditions for teachers have been severely damaged by the impact of public sector spending cuts. More teachers are now overworked and underpaid with poor conditions due to the financial squeeze on the sector which has been implemented by many governments. Education is vital to the success of any country but this requires properly funded and supported education staff.

EI/ETUCE are committed to continuing the campaign for better conditions for all in the education sector. However this cannot be done without co-operation and legislative change from both national and multi-national governments. ETUCE encourages all of its members and affiliates to engage with the event and continue co-operating with each other to get a fairer deal for all teachers and education personnel. More information can be found on the ITUC website.