Greek education unions speak up: “yes to teacher autonomy! and no to anti-education government policies!”


On the annual World Teachers Day (5th October 2017), two of the ETUCE member organisations in Greece, OLME and DOE, joined forces and took action to stand up for teachers and other education personnel. OLME and DOE organised a demonstration to make their demands heard, which include recruiting teachers on permanent contracts; two years of compulsory pre-school education; upgrade of education for children and youth with disabilities; more support for VET schools and equal rights for  teachers employed on fixed-term contracts.

This demonstration aimed to mobilise support for education trade unions and to send a clear message:

YES to academic freedom in schools!

NO to the anti-education government policies which disband public schools!

ETUCE expresses its solidarity with OLME, DOE and all education personnel in Greece fighting for better conditions.

More information on this campaign can be found here.