Solidarity with public sector in Denmark


Should consensus over a new collective agreement not be reached, trade unions in the public sector in Denmark are preparing to take strike action. It is expected that employers will respond by instituting a “lockout” of all workers. ETUCE emphasises that to threaten to lockout 90% of state employees and 50 % of municipal employees is very aggressive and represents a complete overreaction to the notice of a limited strike of only 10% of public workers.

In her solidarity message, Susan Flocken, ETUCE European Director, stressed “ ETUCE, 11 million teachers in Europe strongly stand united with you in your fight for decent salaries and decent working conditions. We strongly oppose the intention of employers in public services in Denmark to regulate salaries and working conditions without respecting collective agreements”.

Read joint ETUC-ETUCE-EPSU support letter here.

Watch the joint ETUC-ETUCE-EPSU solidarity message: