ETUCE supports SBASHK in delivering professional development for teachers in Kosovo


By playing an active role in training and professional development, education trade unions support their members in their work and defend the status of teaching as an independent profession. Three new courses for the members of SBASHK in Kosovo have been currently supported by ETUCE in the framework of the bilateral cooperation agreement signed in July 2019.

The United Trade Union of Education, Science and Culture of the Republic of Kosovo (SBASHK) is organising 18 training sessions by the end of 2019, covering the following topics:

Media education and its role in social and democratic development. Participants practice a critical analysis of the methods and perspective of various media, developing their awareness that not all media output can be taken at face value.

Strengthening capacities for effective leadership of social dialogue. This course teaches participants how to use collective negotiation and agreements to solve violations of education workers’ rights.

Strategic leadership and planning in pre-university education. Participants acquire relevant skills for leadership in education, so that they can undertake strategic planning and develop their own leadership methodologies.

Courses are being delivered by professional trainers and coordinated by the school, municipal and national levels of SBASHK. All courses offer 32 hours of training, which teachers in Kosovo need to get their license or for re-licensing.

SBASHK’s President, Rrahman Jasharaj, and Training Coordinator, Ymer Ymeri, visited some of the sessions and were impressed by the enthusiastic interest shown by the participants. The participants also offered positive feedback on the quality of courses and the work of the trainers.

Mr Jasharaj commented that "We have made many commitments and made many achievements in the service of our membership. One of these commitments is the successful organisation of trainings for our colleagues throughout Kosovo. The continuing support of ETUCE in all our union commitments is important. Therefore, the achievements are the fruit of mutual commitment.

“I have thanked many times the European Director of ETUCE, Susan Flocken, for the continuing support that ETUCE is giving to SBASHK for our members’ interest but also for raising the quality of education.

“Thank you ETUCE - together for new achievements!" said the SBASHK President at the end of the current phase of the new training programme.

SBASHK Trainings Kosovo