ETUCE Special Conference Decides on a Taskforce for ETUCE Policy on the 21st Century Teaching Profession and the Use of ICT


Embedded in the discussions at the ETUCE's first Special Conference on 26-27 November 2014 in Vienna on The Future of the Teaching Profession, the teacher union delegates unanimously adopted the two policy papers from the Standing Committee for Higher Education (HERSC) on Quality Assurance in Higher Education and on Early Stage Researchers as well as the main conference resolution Shaping the Teaching Profession of the 21st Century and the Resolution on the Impact of Neoliberal Policies on Education as proposed by OLME and TUS. The resolution Shaping the Teaching Profession of the 21st Century foresees the creation of a taskforce to develop an ETUCE Policy on the 21st Century Teaching Profession and the Use of Information and Communication Technologies.

This policy paper is to be presented to the ordinary ETUCE Conference in 2016. As the European Director explained in Vienna, the ETUCE Bureau is assigned to decide on the composition, criteria for selection of taskforce members, scope, budget and timeline for this taskforce at its meeting in February 2015. Moreover, the Bureau is in charge of monitoring the progress made with a view to ensuring the quality of the policy paper.

The adopted resolutions and policy papers are available for download in English, French, German, Spanish and Russian on the ETUCE website and conference website.