Indefinite strikes in Germany’s day-care centres after GEW’s ballot


ETUCE's German member organisation GEW announced today the results of the ballot on indefinite strikes in the social and educational service facilities. According to GEW, not less than 96,37 % of their members voted in favour of this drastic but already inevitable step. At the same time, ver.di which is the second largest German trade union has reached 93,44% in this strike ballot.

According to GEW, the two trade unions have thus exceeded the quorum of 75% which finally led to the decision for indefinite strikes. Already at the end of this week, strike actions will be launched all across Germany. Day-care facilities will then be gradually involved.

As already reported, the demands are about better groupings within the pay scale for the municipally employed workers in the social and educational service facilities. The trade unions had terminated the previous remuneration agreement at the beginning of the year. Then, since the end of February they have negotiated unsuccessfully in five rounds with the Federation of Regional Employers' Associations (VKA).

In its press statement, GEW also asked parents concerned by the upcoming difficult situation for understanding emphasizing that quality education required also decent working conditions. GEW executive board member Andreas Gehrke is in charge for bargaining policy. He appealed today to the parents: "Contact your district councillors, head mayors and mayors so that they can promote the long overdue upgrading of the social and educational service professions."

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