Brexit update: no disruption for those going on Erasmus before 30th March!


On 30th January 2019, the European Commission proposed a comprehensive Erasmus+ Contingency regulation which protects all those travelling abroad for learning mobility activities funded by Erasmus+, regardless of the exit deal reached by the European Union and the United Kingdom.

These measures pertain to all Erasmus+ programme countries as well as all international activities which are financed by Erasmus+ before March 2019. That is to say, any citizen of the UK, the EU or a non-programme country, who embarks on an international learning experience funded by Erasmus+ before March 30th 2019, can rest assured that they will be able to complete this experience without any disruption.

Therefore, the UK National Agency has committed itself to carrying out ongoing learning mobilities which begin before this date. Likewise, UK universities will adhere to the Erasmus Charter until all learning mobility activities, which started before 30th March, have come to an end. It is important to note, however, that this regulation strictly applies to learning activities which commence before 30th March and does not cover mobility activities after this date.

The UK also plays a significant role in Erasmus+ projects, either as a project partner or project coordinator. The future of such projects, contracted before 30th March, will be determined by the UK’s decision whether or not to respect its financial commitments under the EU budget.

To read about ETUCE’s views on the Erasmus 2021-2027 Proposal, please click here.