“The Future Teacher” Conference 2019


“The Future Teacher” Conference took place on 23 to 24 May 2019 in Brussels, hosted by Toll-net; a network of teachers, IT coordinators, directors and pedagogical supervisors focusing on technology-supported lifelong learning. Teachers and experts in digitalisation and education, gathered together to exchange good practises and challenges associated with employing digitalisation in education. The conference highlighted the importance of inclusive education through the use of technology, as well as online and blended learning. The conference was part of The Future Teacher 3.0 Project which aims to prepare teachers for the future by developing their digital literacy and IT competencies. The project provided concrete free tools and resources offering teachers the opportunity to learn new ways of using technology to promote quality education for all.

Digital literacy is a fundamental aspect of today’s digital society. It is crucial that teachers are equipped to utilise independent learning, social media and e-learning to create effective lesson plans. ETUCE strongly believes in the importance of fostering a positive approach to ICT and new technologies to provide digital skills to teachers and students for personal enrichment and for lifelong learning. Digitalisation in education can reinforce inclusive education and dynamic learning in which technology in the classrooms can be used to meet the individual needs of students of different abilities.

To read more on the ETUCE Position Paper on the new EU Digital Education Action Plan 2020, please click here.