World Teacher’s Day 2019: Our new risk assessment tools mean safer workplaces


Every year, on 5 October, we celebrate teachers and thank them for their hard work and positive impact. The theme of World Teachers’ Day 2019 is “Young Teachers: The Future of the Profession”. Newly-trained teachers deserve a special focus because they are particularly vulnerable to the risks for teachers’ wellbeing, which include stress, work overload and violence. Our new Online Interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tools help schools assess workplace hazards and establish an action plan.

Without proper structures in place to prevent and combat occupational risks, many young teachers find themselves with nowhere to turn. Ultimately, many choose to leave the profession altogether, contributing to a shortage of teachers, increasing class sizes, and damaging the overall quality of education. ETUCE advocates and works for a world where young teachers, alongside all other educational workers, have the healthiest and safest conditions possible. Now, on World Teachers’ Day 2019, we are pleased to announce the launch of the first Online Interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tools for the education sector. These were developed jointly with EFEE, the European Federation of Education Employers, and with the support of EU-OSHA, the EU Agency for Occupational Safety & Health at work.

In the framework of the 2018-2019 OiRA Project, we have developed two OiRA tools for secondary education and early childhood education and care. These free, easy-to-use tools guide the staff responsible for occupational health in education institutions as they take stock of the risks in their workplace. A series of modules cover a comprehensive set of occupational risks which can occur in and outside of schools, also presenting the EU legislation relevant to each risk. The OiRA tools collate the responses and help staff formulate an action plan so that educational institutions can eliminate risks for the workforce.

Commenting on the launch of the OiRA tools, ETUCE European Director Susan Flocken stated: “On World Teachers’ Day we reflect on the great work that these committed professionals do, and their positive, long-lasting impact on society. However, we also remember the threats that teachers face, and gather strength for our fight to guarantee them the best possible working conditions. If this year’s World Teachers’ Day focuses on young teachers, it is only right that we talk about the safe and healthy conditions they need to have long and fruitful careers. I am pleased to present these new OiRA tools, developed jointly with the European Federation of Employers in Education. ETUCE warmly encourages its member organisations to share these OiRA tools widely, to promote their use at school level, and to consider developing similar tests based on national legislation.’

To access the OiRA tool for the early childhood education and care sector, please click here.

To access the OiRA tool for the secondary sector, please click here.

To read the ETUCE and EFEE Press Release on the launch of the OiRA tools, please click here.

ETUCE Member organisations are invited to let the ETUCE Secretariat know about their activities for World Teachers’ Day 2019. To inform us about your activities, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.