Moving forward the EU online risk assessment tools for education


The second advisory group meeting of the OiRA project, - a joint initiative of the EU social partners in education with the support of the EU-OSHA, the European Agency for Occupational Health and Safety, took place in Dublin on 6 November 2018 and has given an important boost to the project establishing the draft structure and preliminary content of the two online risk assessment tools for early-childhood education and for secondary education.

The tools build on a “whole-school approach” embracing all workers involved in the education setting, including school leaders, teachers, education support personnel and other staff.

Both tools include general and specific modules to assess risks in education institutions, each featuring submodules with references to legislation and policies at European level. The tools address General Occupational Health and Safety standards in schools; Accessibility; Indoor and outdoor facilities; Teaching activities; and Emergency and security  procedures.

Special attention will be given to the module on psychosocial risk prevention, including statements on psychosocial risks, work-related stress, working-conditions and well-being and addressing the prevention of violence and harassment.

During the last project meeting, the EU social partners, ETUCE and EFEE, have agreed on the terminology as well as on the different statements - moving the project forward to the next phase of discussing and agreeing on the different possible solutions and recommendations in relation to the statements and concrete situations.

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