The next step for the EU online risk assessment tools for education


On Tuesday 19th February 2019, the third Steering Group Meeting for the OiRA project -a joint initiative of the EU social partners in education with the support of the EU-OSHA, the European Federation of Education Employers (EFFEE), took place at the National Education Union, Hamilton House in London. The meeting further continued the establishment of the content of the two online risk assessment (OiRA) tools; the OiRA ECE education tool and OiRA secondary education tool.

This joint OiRA project by ETUCE and EFFE, is a 1.5-year project that aims to develop Online Interactive Risk Assessment Tool. The online tools consist of a variety of good practices and policy recommendations to provide schools with the information needed for a self-assessment of the health and safety within a given environment of an education institution.

A range of topics are covered in the tools such as the promotion of adequate healthy workplaces in education for teachers and other educational personnel’s. Also, the topic of preventing physical health related and mental health hazards such as work-related stress, psychosocial risk and well-being as a whole, are also included in the tools.

Having discussed the different risk statements and the structure of the tools, ETUCE and EFEE members are now engaged in identifying schools to test the tools and address flaws and errors in the tools before they are made public.

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