European Social Partners in Education review the testing phase of the OiRA-tool


On Friday 10th May 2019, the fourth and final Steering Group Meeting for the OiRA project - Online Interactive Risk Assessment tool (2018-2019), took place in the International Trade Union House in Brussels, Belgium. The meeting gathered representatives of the European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE) and the European Federation of Education Employers (EFEE), along with the EU-OSHA delegates.

The meeting addressed the feedback and outcomes of the testing of the two OiRA-tools; the OiRA ECE (Early childhood education) tool and the OiRA secondary education tool. Ten user testers were given the opportunity to test one of the OiRA-tools to help improve the quality and contents of the tools. The OiRA-tools are aimed for small education institutions to easily carry out risk assessments in their institutions to help create a safer and healthy working environment for teachers.

Having discussed the testing outcomes and the developments of the tools, ETUCE and EFEE members of the Steering Group and EU-OSHA are now working on finalising the tool by July 2019 in preparation for the launch of the OiRA-tools in Autumn this year. Following the OiRA project ETUCE and EFEE are looking to undertake joint action to further disseminate and implement the OiRA tool amongst member organisations.

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