ETUCE is getting ready for the CEE Roundtable!


The Central and Eastern European Roundtable is an ETUCE event that takes place every two years, gathering education trade unionists from Central and Eastern European countries.

This year the CEE Roundtable 2019 will take place in Tbilisi, Georgia on 28-30 October, with trade union renewal and advocacy on European and international policy at the top of the agenda.

The three-day event will bring together education trade union representatives to share experiences and settle the basis for common strategies. Many thanks to the ETUCE member organisation Educators and Scientists Free Trade Union of Georgia (ESFTUG) for their support throughout the preparations.

At the Roundtable we will discuss issues such as:

  • Trade union renewal and mobilisation
  • Increasing the influence of education trade unions on European and international policies
  • Trade union advocacy on the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Active citizenship and democratic values

This event is a fantastic opportunity for open discussions on these important topics. If you are joining the event, please make sure to think about the way your union engages with these issues. That will allow us to learn from each other and plan how ETUCE can best work with member organisations across the region.