Education Trade Unions in Europe adopt strategies for an education-led recovery


On the 5th and 6th of July, Education Trade Unions from across Europe, representing more than 11 million teachers and other education personnel, gathered virtually to discuss the future of the education sector in Europe. The delegates debated about the demands for social change of education trade union sector in Europe in the context of climate change education, equality and inclusion, artificial intelligence, and digitalisation.

During this 2021 ETUCE Extraordinary Conference trade unions discussed and endorsed strategies on how to address the existing and future challenges of the teaching profession in the context of the COVID-19 recovery. Important policy documents have been adopted giving ETUCE and its member organisations a solid basis to implement its work programme during the current mandate.

The Resolutions and Action Plans that have been adopted will support the work of teachers and other education personnel in Europe and inspire other actors in education to use this pandemic as an opportunity to further enhance trade union capacity and fight harder for teachers’ rights. The education sector has a key role to play in planning the recovery and the adopted strategies support this effort.

The following Resolutions and Action Plans have been adopted by the ETUCE 2021 Extraordinary Conference: