ETUCE Statement on the situation at Ukraine’s borders


adopted by the ETUCE Bureau on 21 February 2022


In the shadow of the alarming situation at Ukraine’s border with Russia and the most recent worrying developments, ETUCE, representing 11 million teachers and education personnel across Europe, expresses its solidarity and support with its member organisations in Ukraine, the Trade Union of Education and Science Workers of Ukraine (TUESWU) and the Free Trade Union of Education and Science of Ukraine (VPONU), teachers, students, and the people of Ukraine. We stand together with you.

Aware that the current situation is already having impact on the disruption of young people’s education, teachers and education personnel at all education levels across Europe strongly hope for a peaceful resolution of the conflict. Denouncing any actions of violence, in particular with the use of armed forces, we call on the heads of state and government officials of the Ukraine, Russia and the European and international community to do everything in their power to de-escalate the present situation and to seek a peaceful solution to this crisis. We recall that any form of such conflicts has severe repercussions for innocent citizens.

We also call on the international bodies and European institutions to expend all effort in seeking to contain this critical situation and facilitating a peaceful settlement of the dispute.


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