200 Education Trade Unionists join the European Demonstration in Brussels to Stop Return to Austerity


In a powerful display of solidarity, 200 education trade union delegates from across Europe gathered in Brussels today for a massive demonstration under the motto Together Against Austerity organised by the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC). with the Belgian confederations. 15, 000 workers protested in solidarity on the eve of a meeting of European heads of government, who are struggling to find a consensus over a controversial reform of the EU’s economic governance rules.  

The European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE) led a strong delegation from member organisations from Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Hungary Latvia, Luxemburg, Ireland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Albania under the banner of #MakeTeachingAttractive!. At the heart of the campaign is the pressing concern of a severe teacher shortages, a crisis stemming from the declining attractiveness of the teaching profession. 

Diverse industry sectors voiced their resistance to austerity measures and advocated for better working conditions for a fair deal for workers. Within this broader context, education trade unions highlighted the unique challenges teachers face and the pivotal role they play in shaping the future. 

The streets of Brussels witnessed a multitude of teachers and other education personnel, united in their commitment to bring about positive change in the teaching profession. ETUCE drew attention to its ten key campaign demands that underscore the urgent need to make teaching an attractive career choice and to ensure fair salaries and pensions, improved working conditions, and enhanced professional development opportunities for teaching professionals. 

Uniting with trade unions from different European countries, the demonstration was not merely a call for attention: it was a collective demand for the respect of teachers' rights, robust social dialogue, and improved working conditions within the field of education.  

The success of the #MakeTeachingAttractive campaign lies not just in the demonstration itself but in the sustained efforts and dialogue that will follow, to ensure that policymakers and stakeholders prioritise and invest in the teaching profession. European education unions continue their fight for a more attractive, respected, and sustainable teaching profession. 

Susan Flocken, ETUCE European Director said: “We want inclusive education systems in Europe that leave no one behind and that provide quality education to prepare students for their future.  For that we need more sustainable public investment in quality educatoin to ensure attractive working conditions, salaries and career perspectives for teachers and other education professionals.”