Serbian teachers’ engagement to improve apprenticeship


Yesterday, on 8 November 2018 the Teachers Union of Serbia (TUS) signed its pledge as a commitment to contribute to the further implementation of the European Alliance for Apprenticeship, an initiative which celebrated yesterday its 5th year anniversary. The success of this initiative lies with the implementation of national commitments and the commitment of partners, notably through pledges by companies, social partners and stakeholders.

Since 2013, ETUCE signed a single and a joint pledge with EFEE, and many ETUCE member organisations have committed to the goals of the European Alliance for Apprenticeship , for example AOb - the Netherlands; GEW - Germany; MUT - Malta ; NSZZ Solidarnosc - Poland ; NASUWT - UK;  UNSA-Education – France, FNE – Portugal, SINDEP – Portugal, Utdanningsforbundet – Norway, OAJ – Finland, and jointly the Check and Lithuanian workers’ unions and education unions.

The Serbian education union, TUS was active in the process of preparing the first ever Law on Dual Education in Serbia, urging for quality apprenticeship: quality teaching and training of instructors and trainers and quality of work based education with right protection of students. This Law regulates the part of VET for education profiles lasting 3 or 4 years, rights and obligations of students, parents, schools and employers, as well as the material and financial regulation of the students’ status position. This is a model of education through combining theoretical learning and practice in schools and learning by working at an employers, to receive competences according to the standards of qualification standards.

According to the pledge of TUS, as a support of the implementation of the European Alliance for Apprenticeship, TUS will be engaged to raise awareness on the importance of quality apprenticeship in Serbia among its members. TUS will inform members about the European Union’s Council Recommendation on a European Framework for Quality and Effective Apprenticeships and the importance of establishing and improving apprenticeship in Serbia during the implementation of the new Dual Education Law in line with this important EU Recommendation.

The TUS are committed to the following activities:

  1. to raise awareness among members about the importance of apprenticeship to have better connections with the labour market and enhance employability;
  2. to inform members about the importance of quality apprenticeship: in particular quality teaching and training of the teachers in schools and instructors and trainers in companies, how to ensure quality of work-based learning in companies and the right level of protection of VET students in line with the European Union’s Council Recommendation on a European Framework for Quality and Effective Apprenticeships, which defines effective social dialogue and quality learning and working conditions for the apprentices as key elements of quality apprenticeship;
  3. to promote possibilities for further education and training among apprentices by raising awareness among teachers in VET schools and in general education to give guidance to their students on further education and training possibilities after VET and apprenticeship, including at higher level.