Italy: Call for Action to support FLC-CGIL, CISL Scuola and UILSCUOLA


Tomorrow on 9 February 2019, ETUCE member organisations in Italy - FLC-CGIL, CISL Scuola and UILSCUOLA- are to protest against the Budget Law 2019. The Law that has been drafted without the legitimate consultation of the social partners and, in consequence, risks to expand the existing inequality, in particular, in education in Italy.

ETUCE strongly supports FLC-CGIL, CISL Scuola and UILSCUOLA and their affiliates’ fight against the current government’s attempts to undermine, inter alia, the national public education system, that has so far guaranteed social cohesion and growth.

According to the education trade unions, the foreseen regionalisation allows regions to divert funds through local levies which in its turn is to widen the gap between rich and poor regions. Having full authority to elaborate curricula, the regions can impair not only negotiation processes on collective agreements but also teachers and other education personnel’s rights and status putting them in unequal positions among each other.

ETUCE calls on its member organisations to robustly back their sister organisations’ arguments and demonstrate support to the upcoming rally on 9 February 2019 staged by the three major Italian confederations to protest, among other things, against:

  • inadequate measures taken to boost the economic growth;
  • lack of resources for the renewal of collective agreements in public sector;
  • absence of social dialogue;
  • attempts to break the unity of the Italian state through its regionalisation.

ETUCE encourages its member organisations to address the Government of Italy, using a template letter and send solidarity letters to colleagues in FLC-CGIL, CISL Scuola and UILSCUOLA.