FYROM: Series of protest actions


ETUCE member organisation in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, SONK reports about ongoing protest actions to demand teachers’ pay rise across the country.

According to the education trade union, the current average wage in the country is 420 Euro while primary and secondary teacher’s salary is 350 Euro despite the salary increase of 5% in October 2018, not to mention the fact that salaries of other education personnel are close to the country’s minimum wage. Furthermore, SONK informs about the lack of social dialogue and, worse yet, pressure asserted by trade union representatives. Expressing its strong discontent and claiming for decent teachers’ salaries, respect for trade union rights and social dialogue, the education trade union organises series of protest actions every Saturday.

In March, we plan to hold a protest in Kumanovo and if there are still no results, affiliates are willing to stage a mass protest action or general strike in Skopje”, stated SONK.

Following the recent mission to Skopje, ETUCE European Director, Susan Flocken met with the newly elected Minister of Education and expressed her robust support to SONK and its affiliates.

ETUCE continues monitoring the situation.