Serbia: Protest action to increase teachers’ salaries in ECE


On 11 April 2019 ETUCE member organisations in Serbia are going on a protest action in Belgrade.

The action under the title “Is Preschool Education the Part of Education?” is aimed at contesting the Government’s decision to allocate only 7% of salary increase for teachers in early childhood education and care (ECE), while providing teachers and education personnel at other levels with  9% of salary increase as from 1 January 2019.

Expressing solidarity with all member organisations in Serbia, ETUCE European Director , Susan Flocken said “Teachers and other education personnel in ECE face numerous challenges, including high student- teacher ratio, workload and lack of support in Serbia. The attractiveness of the teaching profession in society have been declining across the region, and consequently, to retain and attract teachers they need decent salaries and working conditions that go hand in hand with continuous professional development and support for all teachers in Serbia”.

ETUCE continues monitoring situation.