The Republic of North Macedonia: Massive public protest foreseen


ETUCE member organisation in the Republic of North Macedonia, SONK, informs about a series of protest actions in the public sector which is to culminate in a massive public protest or general strike should the government officials not respond to the demands of public service workers.

SONK together with its confederation -KSS- demand for public service employees, among other things:

  • adjustment of wages in the public sector in accordance with the percentage raised as from 01.01.2019 which is in line with the bill on work relations and the bill on minimal wage;
  • introduction of the payment of the K-15 benefits in the public sector.

Through the protests we are trying to establish fair and constructive social dialogue with representatives of the ministries and state bodies, which is missing at present. We want to start discussions to solve problems that public service workers face. In addition, we demand the compliance with our legal requests for upgrading our members and other workers’ socio – economic status in some of the state and public institutions”, stated SONK.