Serbia: Government fulfils unions’ requests


Following the announcement of the ETUCE member organisations in Serbia about the protest action for early childhood education (ECE) to, among other things, increase ECE teachers’ salaries, the Government of the Republic of Serbia held an urgent session and accepted the demands of the education trade unions.

“The Government made the decision for an additional increase of salaries in ECE of 2%, providing teachers and education personnel at all education levels with a 9% salary increase. The increase for teachers and other education personnel in ECE is to be put in place as from 1 May 2019”, reports the Teacher Union of Serbia, TUS.

The education trade union explains that the Prime Minister has established a specific working group that comprises of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Local Governance and three representative unions in ECE to improve the ECE system in Serbia.

“At present ECE is financed from the local communities. For many years, we have been asking for strong public funding”, concluded TUS.

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