Kyrgyzstan: ETUCE joins TUESWK’s demand to withdraw draft law on “Trade Unions”


Following opposition of the Trade Union of Education and Science Workers of Kyrgyzstan (TUESWK) to the draft law “On Trade Unions” that was published on the Supreme Council’s website on 12 April 2019, ETUCE strongly supports its member organisation in its demand to withdraw the draft law.

The controversy of this draft law is reflected in the fact that no consultations nor involvement of trade unions have been ensured neither upon writing nor on publishing the bill. Further to the violation of series of ILO Conventions the draft law is also not in line with the article 4 of the Kyrgyz Constitution and articles 29 -34 of the Labour code” stated the education trade union.

Education trade unions should have a permanent and central role in decision-making on developing policies that are relevant to them and at all levels. Thus, the independence and autonomy of trade unions is crucial. ETUCE is confident that the Government of Kyrgyz Republic will do everything in its power to respect existing laws at national and international levels and to confirm its commitment to and engagement in genuine, meaningful social dialogue with independent trade unions”, stated Susan Flocken, ETUCE European Director.