North Macedonia: Protest action in Skopje


Tomorrow, on 8 June 2019, ETUCE member organisation in the Republic of North Macedonia, SONK, is taking to streets as the last action in the series of protests that is to be followed by a general strike of the education sector should the Government not agree to the education trade union’s repeated demands.

“Our education trade union together with other branch trade unions as a part of the Confederation of Free Trade Unions (KSS) held several public protests in several cities of the country in the last period. With the protest actions KSS had endeavoured to address issues that affect public service workers. The tomorrow action is to be the last one in the series of protests. We intend to stage a general strike if government officials continue to ignore our demands”, stated SONK.

ETUCE confirmed and supported SONK’s demands to the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia to:

  • increase salaries in the education sector taking into account the increased minimum wage at national level;
  • introduce the payment of the K-15 benefits in the public sector;
  • engage in effective and continuous social dialogue with trade union representatives;
  • consult with and involve education trade unions in all decision-making processes, in particular when it comes to elaboration of education reforms;
  • respect and comply with the Laws and collective agreements;
  • sign collective agreements involving all teachers and other education personnel represented by SONK and restore the allocation of additional benefits for employees in the education sector, in particular transportation/commuting allowance for those who have to commute long distances between their home and workplace.

Susan Flocken, ETUCE European Director said, “ETUCE stands with SONK in its demand for better salaries, working conditions, functioning social dialogue and respect of collective bargaining. It is high time for the North Macedonian Government to truly engage in an effective and continuous social dialogue.”

ETUCE continues monitoring the situation.