Turkey: For our rights, our future and our students right to education!


Teachers and higher education personnel in Turkey are facing ever greater challenges, and the situation is harming students’ access to free, fair, quality education. ETUCE member organisation Eğitim Sen is calling an open-air meeting in Ankara on 23 November to proclaim its demands for an education system fit for the future.

The human and trade union rights of education and science workers in Turkey are being undermined. The recent acquittal of the Academics for Peace does not reverse the worrying trends. Indeed, the reinstatement of the Academics for Peace in their former universities is one of the key demands behind the event.

On 23 November education workers and students from across Turkey will march through Ankara in support of a comprehensive vision for their rights and their future. ETUCE supports them in their campaign for equality and freedom!

Eğitim Sen’s demands include:

  • Addressing teachers’ financial and professional problems.
  • Safe and permanent employment for all education personnel.
  • Ensuring tax justice and fixing the tax bracket for education workers at 10%.
  • Guaranteeing access to quality public education for all.
  • Ending privatisation and conservative practices in education.
  • Reinstatement of dismissed education and science workers, including urgent reinstatement of Peace Academics to the universities where they worked before dismissed.