Albania: FSASH-SPASH train a new generation of union leaders with video support from Norway


Education unions in Albania are looking to the future in a training programme for regional trade union leaders. With a particular focus on engaging women and young teachers, this two-day seminar introduced 25 participants to leadership theories and helped them develop their negotiation and communication skills. ETUCE and Norway’s Utdanningsforbundet joined the seminar by video link.

Experienced trainers and the Presidents of Albanian member organisations SPASH and FSASH took part in the seminar. At the first session representatives of ETUCE and Utdanningsforbundet joined by video link to share their experience, and the seminar as a whole balanced local expertise with good practice from unions in other European countries. The joint strength and mutual solidarity of SPASH and FSASH was highlighted as a pillar for success in negotiations. One session focused specifically on the position of women and young teachers in the education sector and its trade unions. Exploring the various reason why women and young teachers might be less like to get actively involved, participants developed strategies to engage them in the union and its work.

The seminar took place in Durres on 22-23 November 2019, just days before a serious earthquake struck Albania, killing at least 30 and injuring hundreds. ETUCE and member organisations across Europe send their solidarity and sympathy to education personnel and everyone affected by this disaster.