Greece: Education Trade Unions Demand Respect for Social Dialogue Principles


In support of ETUCE member organisations in Greece, ETUCE has reminded the Greek government of its commitment to a meaningful dialogue between the education trade unions and the Ministry of Education. Social partner consultation should have preceded the recent submission of an Education Bill to the Greek Parliament in order to allow time and enable the education trade unions to table comprehensive proposals to this Bill.

The Greek Primary Teachers’ Federation (DOE) and the Greek Federation of Secondary State School Teachers (OLME) had reported about  the plans of the Ministry of Education to table a controversial Education Bill that risks substantially altering and disrupting the Greek education system at all levels. The Bill was submitted to the Greek Parliament without prior consultation of the education social partners.

In its letter to the Government, ETUCE referred to the ILO standards that highlight that a climate of trust, built on social dialogue and tripartism, is essential in the effective implementation of measures to address the COVID-19 outbreak and its consequences. To address the ongoing COVID-19 crisis which has an imminent and tremendous socio-economic impact on societies in Greece and Europe as a whole, the Greek Government should guarantee continuous and transparent consultations, active involvement of social partners and strong cooperation between the Ministry of Education and education trade unions.

“In times of crisis and of economic recessions that risk leading to great instability in societies, the respect for social dialogue and of social partners as well as thesafeguard of fundamental principles inherent in the European Union is more critical than ever”, stated Susan Flocken, ETUCE European Director.