ETUCE was deeply saddened by the news of Zvonko Pavicevic passingaway on 11 August 2020


Zvonko Pavicevic, President of the Trade Union of Education of Montenegro (TUEM) died at Podgorica Hospital after a short and insidious disease. Zvonko was born in Cetinje in November 1952. After graduating from the Higher Pedagogical Academy in 1978, he worked as a history teacher in Radojica Perovic primary school in Podgorica until 2011. He began his trade union career in 1988 as the president of the municipal board of Primary and Preschool Education in Podgorica. The Trade Union of Education of Montenegro (TUEM) was officially founded in 1992 and Zvonko was elected President of the Committee for Primary Education of Montenegro. In 1998 he was elected Secretary at the First Congress and in October 1998, at the Second Congress, he was elected President of TUEM. At the last congress in October 2016, he was re-elected.

TUEM has been a member of the EI family since 2003. Having represented TUEM in the EI pan-European Committee since 2006 Zvonko later became the country representative in the ETUCE Committee.

Zvonko’s friendship, dedication, and contribution to the trade union movement, as a fighter for workers' rights and one of the key founders of the Union of Free Trade Unions of Montenegro will be deeply missed.

We wish his family our sincere condolence as he rests in our memory as a great trade unionist.