“Shaping futures”: the big campaign to support teachers in Finland


ETUCE’s member organisation OAJ (Finland) has launched a national big scale and multi-channel campaign to raise awareness on the importance of the teaching profession in the country. Under the moto “Shaping futures – Teachers are building better future for everyone”, the campaign features the stories of 11 teachers, guided by human values and invite teachers to participate in the campaign by sharing a photo of themselves on their social media channels, using the hashtag #sitoutunut #Committed and telling their followers what they value the most in their work.

One of the reasons behind the development of the OAJ’s campaign is the decrease of applications to teachers’ studies in Universities, since 2015. Moreover, the main goal of the campaign is to inform the Finnish population about the crucial work played by teachers in every school in the country and to increase knowledge and appreciation towards the teaching profession.

This very exciting campaign highlights this reality: teachers play a significant role in shaping the world and all humans, they see our capabilities, they encourage us to dare and try, they provide us with tools to understand and question, search for the truth and think critically. Teachers are tasked with shaping the future. They are creating the foundation for tomorrow’s world. They create the future for everyone; for all of Finland and the world. One generation at a time. One human at a time.  

As, In Finland, the municipality election is planned in June, OAJ hopes to have as much teacher's decision-makers as possible in the municipalities. More appreciation towards the teaching profession will certainly have a positive impact on the next spring collective agreement negotiations.

If you wish to know more about the campaign, have a look at OAJ’s website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.