Protest action in Slovakia: For Tangible Financial Support Instead of Promises


On 15 June 2022, ETUCE member organisation, Trade Union of Workers in Education and Science of Slovakia (OZPŠaV) organised the biggest demonstration of education employees in Slovak history. More than 15 000 protesters gathered in Bratislava, followed by thousands of supporters across the country, to show their dissatisfaction with the persistent insufficient funding in the areas of education, training, science, research, and sports in the Slovak Republic.

President of OZPŠaV, Mr. Pavel Ondek, and other representatives of different professions in the education sector reminded the Slovak government about its promises.

Protesters marched through the city centre towards the Hoses of Parliament where they addressed the politicians with a strong statement. With more than two years of fighting the pandemic and increased demands to ensure a high-quality and healthy educational process, education employees are now facing additional challenges due to the war in the Ukraine.

In their statement worker representatives criticised the 0% salary increase of  2021 and the pay rise of 3% from 1 July 2022 as insufficient. “The enormous increase in energy and food prices caused by inflation is to rise to double-digit values, resulting in a large drop in real wages. OZPŠaV reports that the standard of living of education employees is falling and all schools and education facilities are in danger of a financial collapse in Slovakia. The financing of education and science in Slovakia is dramatically low comparing to developed countries. Pedagogical, vocational, and non-pedagogical employees in the education and science sector have long been on the brink of politicians' interest. Funding of education is inconsistent. High school graduates are leaving to study abroad, where they find better infrastructure and better-valued employment. The motivation to work in the teaching profession is decreasing, and in some regions, there will soon be no one to provide quality education and training.

“Instead of solving these acute problems members of the Parliament approve laws that impose new and often meaningless duties on education employees, while interfering with the academic freedom of universities and not considering the opinions and practical experience of social partners and experts”, stated OZPŠaV.

The protesters asked for immediate and tangible financial support instead of promises.

More specifically they demanded:

  • valorisation of the tariff salaries for all education employees by 10% starting from 1 July 2022,
  • increase of salaries for non-pedagogical employees which now is below the country’s minimum wage level,
  • additional financing of increased operating costs of all schools and school facilities.

Should the government officials fail to meet the education trade union’s demands, OZPŠaV resolves to launch a full-scale strike as of September 2022.

ETUCE resolutely supports its ember organisation and continues monitoring the situation.



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