Israel: ITU Signs New Salary Agreement for Teachers


Following a determined struggle led by the General Secretary of the Israel Teachers’ Union (ITU), Yaffa Ben David, a historical salary agreement for teachers was signed by the education trade union on 20 Ocotber 2022.

Commenting on such a significant achievement, considered by the union as the first step in restoring the status of the teaching profession, Yaffa Ben David said that the salary agreement the union had gained was a huge achievement for the education workers in Israel, who were finally receiving recognition and appreciation from the state for their important work and their contribution to Israeli society.

The respective agreement foresees a salary increase for all teaching staff in two installments. The first installment is due in January 2023 and will also include a retroactive refund starting from September 2022. The second installment is to be allocated in September 2023. According to ITU this will allow for a teacher in his or her first year to earn approximately 2,700 EUR starting from September 2023.

As part of the negotiations, among other things, an adjustment of the holiday schedule, salary increase for school principals as well as a persistence grant of approximately 2,900 EUR to be allocated for new teachers after three years of teaching have been agreed upon too.

“Increase of salary remuneration for fulfilling additional duties and positions in school, will be granted to teachers, including adding remuneration to kindergarten teachers and administrators who have students with special needs in their classes”, added ITU.

Announcing further steps to increase the attractiveness of the teaching profession, Yaffa Ben David expressed “This is only the first step in restoring the status of teaching professionals”.

Congratulating the education trade union and its leadership on the achievement in negotiating the new agreement, ETUCE European Director, Susan Flocken recognised the tremendous efforts the union and its affiliates had made leading to this significant improvement of teachers’ salaries and working conditions in Israel which is vital for the recruitment and retention of education personnel when the teacher shortage remains an acute issue across the region.