Solidarity with Educators in Montenegro Sindikat prosvjete Crne Gore


Today, we stand in solidarity with our fellow educators in Montenegro, represented by the Trade Union of Education of Montenegro (TUEM), as they embark on a significant branch strike. This decisive action is in response to the Government of Montenegro's failure to adhere to the Branch Collective Agreement, impacting not only salaries but also violating educators' rights to fair working conditions, legal security, and the dignity of their profession.

Despite ongoing negotiations and a commitment to dialogue, the breach of agreement has pushed our colleagues to assert their rights. With a strong response rate from members supporting the strike, it highlights the collective urgency for change. Classes in primary and secondary schools will be paused, and kindergartens will operate on a limited schedule as a protest measure.

This strike transcends salary disputes; it's a call for the government to honor its commitments, ensuring the rule of law, respect for collective bargaining agreements, and ultimately, the dignity of the teaching profession. It teaches a crucial lesson in advocating for our professional rights and the importance of standing united in our demands for justice and respect.

We, at ETUCE, express our unwavering support for SINDIKAT PROSVJETE CRNE GORE (SPCG) and all educators in Montenegro. Your fight is a poignant reminder of the critical role of social dialogue and the need for all parties to fulfill their obligations.

Together, we stand strong.