Russia’s ESEUR holds online Congress in shadow of COVID-19 outbreak

24 March 2020

The COVID 19 outbreak is a public health crisis quite different than anything Europe has faced for many years. As education personnel and their trade unions grapple with the outbreak, we are supporting and informing member organisations in any way we can.

The Education and Science Employees' Union of Russia (ESEUR) held the first stage of its 8th Congress on 20 March 2020, completing urgent legal business and re-electing Galina Merkulova as President. Amidst the ongoing coronavirus crisis, the event took place online. The second stage will see participants gather for face-to-face discussions in October.

The Congress, which was originally scheduled for 27 March, was necessary in order to elect key leaders and confirm the legal status of the Union. However, in response to the global spread of COVID-19 Russian authorities forbade all gatherings of more than 50 people and banned foreign citizens from entering the country. These restrictions posed a major challenge for ESEUR.

The union’s Executive Committee therefore took the decision to hold the Congress in two stages. The first stage took place online on 20 March. It approved the report on the activities of the last 5 years, elected governing bodies and elected the President. Completing these actions confirms the legal status of the union.

Susan Flocken, ETUCE European Director, congratulates Galina on her re-election as President of ESEUR. Galina is a Vice-President of ETUCE and we look forward to continued good cooperation in the years ahead.

The second stage of the Congress is now scheduled 14 October 2020, combined with the 30th anniversary of the Union. At this event participants will discuss the activities carried out in the last 5 years and adopt the work programme and policies for the years ahead.

The ETUCE Secretariat sends solidarity to all teachers, academics and other education personnel and their education trade unions as they react to and tackle this unprecedented crisis. We invite ETUCE member organisations to inform the ETUCE Secretariat about the challenges you face, how you are responding, which good practices you have developed and can share with colleagues, as well as your needs for support from the ETUCE family. Contact ETUCE at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..