Press Releases

World Teachers’ Day 2017: Freedom and Empowerment of Teachers across Europe (5 October 2017)

Public Services Day 2017 - Joint EPSU-ETUCE Press Release

European Pillar of Social Rights: strong principles need resolute, comprehensive and prompt implementation (28 April 2017)

Education trade unions in Europe kick off ambitious priorities for quality education and elect new leadership (8 December 2016)

Empowering education trade unions: opening the ETUCE Regional Conference 2016 (29 November 2016)

Roundtable on digital skills for the European labour force: ETUCE advocates for high quality initial trainings for teachers and life-long learning objectives in the field of ICT (20 September 2016)

Teachers demand more support in education of refugees and migrants (20 June 2016)

Teacher unions ask further consultation on the New Skills Agenda for Europe (10 June 2016)

Effective social dialogue and collegial governance on higher education and research needs more improvement (26 May 2016)

New ETUCE Survey Reports ring an alarm bell on the state of funding in education and privatisation trends in Europe (21 April 2016)