Social Partners in Education promoting Decent Workplaces in Education: Fourth Case Study in Germany


From 2 to 4 November 2015 the delegation of the advisory group from the project ‘Social Partners promoting Decent Workplaces for a Healthier Working Life in the Education Sector’ visited Aachen in Germany for the fourth case study. In the project the European social partners in Education ETUCE and EFEE (European Trade Union Committee for Education) aim to find concrete ways to prevent psychosocial hazards and above all work-relates stress. The case study was organised by the ETUCE member organisation Verband Bildung und Erziehung (VBE).

The study delegation visited the primary school Richterich where they learned about the positive impact of good time management on the prevention of work related stress. Based on training sessions provided by the VBE, the school leadership had learned how to obtain a better balance between working time and leisure time for the teachers at their school. At the Hauptschule Kogelhäuser education staff has been introduced to the programme ‘education and health’ by the Ministry for Schools and Further Education of North Rhine-Westphalia. The programme was implemented in 2013 and promotes a holistic approach to support schools in improving health related frameworks for teachers and pupils. The Secretary of State of the Ministry of Schools and Further Education presented the project from the employers’ point of view and highlighted the important role of schools to increase health awareness in society.

The next events of the project are two training seminars in Madrid and London. Representatives experienced in the area of occupational health and safety from ETUCE and EFEE member organisations are going to discuss about recommendations for the joint social partner guidelines on the prevention of psychosocial hazards and work-related stress in education.

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