ETUC published 10th Annual Gender Equality Survey report


ETUC has published the 10th Annual Gender Equality Survey report, formerly known as 8th March Survey. The survey aims at assessing the proportion of women in membership and decision-making positions of the trade union movement. In addition, this year’s survey dealt with the gender pension gap. ETUCE and its member organisations contributed to the report by responding to the survey.

44 confederations from 29 countries replied to the survey, reporting 43.6% of women members on average. The share of women members ranges from 75.9% in Finland to 13% in Turkey. Most confederations reported an increase in female membership between 2016 and 2017. Almost one quarter (23.9%) of the union leadership positions are currently held by women and women hold a total of 37% of senior positions (including vice-presidents, deputy general secretaries, treasurers or members of leading committees).

With regard to the gender pension gap, 43 confederations replied to this part of the survey. They indicated that the public is more concerned about the pension age and the pension level than the gender pension gap. A majority of the confederations stated to have discussed the gender pension gap before and 32 reported to have adopted a position on the issue. While periods of care were reported to be credited in state pension systems in almost all the countries for which information was provided, company/occupational schemes in only eight countries credited this time. Most confederations are actively promoting the recognition of periods of care, through policies and actions. Many confederations also reported to take action against the accelerated increase in women’s pension age in order to equalise pension ages for men and women. Another field of action for confederations is the shift from public to privately funded pension schemes.

To access the full report, please click here.