Brussels: Conference in support of Eğitim Sen’s members


On 7 September 2017, ETUCE together with one of its member organisations in Belgium, Centrale Générale des Services Publics Enseignement, FGTB-CGSP, expressed their solidarity with Eğitim Sen’s members, Nuriye Gülmen and Semih Özakça, who have been on hunger strike since 9 March 2017.

At the press conference dedicated to supporting the two Eğitim Sen’s members, ETUCE stressed that the whole international education trade union movement has been actively supporting education personnel concerned in Turkey. There are thousands of education personnel in Turkey who have been suspended, dismissed or imprisoned without ground of evidence.

The event which was organised by “Le comité belge pour la levée de l’état d’urgence en Turquie”  in partnership with several Belgian-Turkish artists aimed, among others, to underscore the extremely critical health conditions of the two trade unionists and their trail which is to take place on 14 September 2017 in Ankara.

ETUCE, in close cooperation and coordination with Eğitim Sen continues to monitor the situation and its fight for democracy, human and trade union rights and the right to education.