OECD Paper: Boosting Productivity in Russia, Skills, Education and Innovation


On 5 March 2015, the organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has published a working paper on Boosting Productivity in Russia, Skills, Education and Innovation. The paper highlights the importance of preparing students for a skill-based economy and shows a connection between problems in the Russian labour market and the badly equipped education system. The education system has unequally distributed opportunities for students in higher education and low financial support for institutions, while the labour market has high turnovers and wage differences. Especially income disparities result from the educational differences. These disadvantages can be solved through more cooperation between schools or universities and employers.

ETUCE views this approach critically. Clearly, education institutions in Russia need higher financial support, yet in order to ensure that education prepares students for lifelong learning and is accessible to all, it needs to remain a public good. Higher public investments in universities and other higher education institutions will allow students to obtain the high quality education that they require to prepare for a skill-based labour market. It is important though that also in cooperation between companies and schools, teachers' academic freedom is respected and that teachers and their unions are included in developing the curriculum.

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