Report: Unequal Europe, Recommendations for a more caring EU


In spring 2015 the think-tank friends of Europe has published the report "Unequal Europe, Recommendations for a more caring EU". The report criticises the current social policy legislation in most of the European member states and proposes an "inter-generational solidarity and a renewed sense of social cohesion and cohesion between richer and poorer member states". Social Policies in Europe have a legitimatisation problem, but answers to these challenges cannot be found in the broad-brush approach of simply cutting these measures. Instead European States should improve the effectiveness of social policies, which especially take the demographic change into account.

Regarding education policies the working group criticises the decreasing expenditures in many countries after the crisis and highlights that the youth guarantee "must not lead to the "parking" of young unemployed." ETUCE supports the demand to "pursue real equality of opportunity at all levels of training and education." Due to rising inequality in Europe, such as the wide pay gap and high unemployment, member states should consider new approaches in social and in education policies. Education is key to an improvement of social mobility and to a society which ensures equal opportunities. The European Union and its member states should include this assumption in their social policy measures.

To read the report, click here.