SELFIE tool: Integrating digital technologies in education in the European region


The Joint Research Centre of the European Commission has launched a new version of the SELFIE tool to support digital teaching and learning through the use of digital technologies in EU schools and provide guidance on digital capabilities of schools. SELFIE, the Self-reflection on Effective Learning by Fostering the use of Innovative Educational Technologies, is a part of the Digital Education Action Plan 2020 which was presented earlier this year. The SELFIE manual assists teachers in making the most of technology and encourages students to develop their skills for the digital society. The SELFIE tool has been tested in more than 650 schools, more than 11.000 teachers, more than 52.000 students and nearly 3.000 school leaders across Europe, including in non-EU countries such as Serbia and Georgia, counting with the support of national ministries of education in the EU.

The SELFIE online tool looks at 6 different digital areas in education: Leadership; Professional development; Teaching and learning practices; Assessment practices; Students digital competence; and Infrastructure and Equipment.

SELFIE anonymously takes a snapshot of the school’s use of digital technology online. This is done through using short statements and question and a simple 1-5 agreement scale.

Indeed, the so-called SELFIE tool can be useful for education unions and schools as it involves the whole school community and can be customised to meet the needs of each school but it has lacked the inclusion of education trade unions in the preparation and development stages of the project to adapt the tools to their needs and professional expertise. It is crucial that education trade unions are consulted as social partners regarding digital technologies and teachers to effectively promote inclusive education as well as to facilitate teaching duties.

It is also to be warned that this tool should not promote bench-marking among schools with the view to set up school rankings, leagues or competitions. Each school has its own specificities and priorities as regards ICTs, which should count with the agreement of teachers and school leaders.

To read more about the new SELFIE tool, please click here. More information on the SELFIE tool can be found here.