ETUCE celebrates the first ever International Day of Education!


24th January 2019 marks the first ever International Day of Education. Following the UN adoption of Resolution 73/25, this date will become the annual celebration of the role of education in peace and development. For this reason, the UN invites all its Members States and agencies, as well as NGOs, academic institutions, the private sector, individuals, civil society and other relevant stakeholders to observe this day.

ETUCE recognises the role of education, and particularly teachers, in the promotion and protection of peaceful and inclusive societies and has released launched its Shape the Future of Europe with Teachers campaign, in light of the upcoming European Parliamentary elections. With teachers at the core of this initiative, this campaign calls for a more attractive teaching profession, with better working conditions and more access to continuous professional development, so that teachers can adequately prepare students’ for the demands of this fast-changing world. Likewise, with extremism, xenophobia and intolerance on the increase in Europe, this campaign acknowledges the crucial role of teachers in counteracting this trend by developing students’ critical thinking and promoting democratic citizenship.

ETUCE will be marking this day by attending the European Commission's Education Forum on the Future of Learning, where European Director, Susan Flocken, will deliver a speech on the topic of digitalisation and education and the impact this will have on the society of tomorrow.