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Across Europe, the working lives of teachers and other education personnel are challenged by transformations in society. Powerful ideas and narratives about public education are increasingly shaping the nature of the work of  teachers and other education personnel, and framing what becomes a general understanding of the purpose of education, the resources that are committed to achieving these purposes, and the way in which schools and other education institutions are organised and governed.

Together with attempts to undermine the scope of collective bargaining and to restrict or avoid social dialogue, they have increased burdens on teachers and other education personnel, as well as altering the organising environment

Recognising these challenges, education trade unions across Europe are engaged to enhance their organisations around the most important force shaping education: teachers and all other education personnel.


Adopted by the ETUCE Committee on 13 October 2020, the ETUCE Action Plan on Organising and Renewal is a comprehensive and sustainable strategy aimed at increasing solidarity and improving coordination between ETUCE member organisations to build even stronger and more democratic unions at national level, through increased participation, capacities and actions intended to bring about change. It builds on a two-year work conducted by ETUCE in the frame of the project “Your Turn! Teachers for Trade Union Renewal”.