This project is concerned with the experiences of education trade unions as they seek to respond to changes in the world of work of teachers and other education personnel. It promotes the sharing of experiences and of strategies being adopted by education trade unions as they engage in a process of renewal to maintain their strength at the bargaining table and their ability to shape public policy, including the support of universal, free, quality education. The project activities resulted in a ETUCE Action plan on organising and renewal.

Advisory Group

  • Dorien König AOb Netherlands
  • Claudio Franchi FLC-CGIL Italy
  • Dorota Obidniak ZNP Poland
  • Elina Stock GEW Germany
  • Rodrigo Seoane Ruano FECCOO Spain
  • Rob Copeland UCU UK
  • Elis Randma EEPU Estonia


The project is co-financed by the European Commission.

Related topics

Three training workshops will be organised, in Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, for participants:

  • To analyse the outcomes of the research;
  • To discuss common and/or national best practices on how different education trade unions have been engaged to address changes in employment and labour market in the education sector through organising, servicing and other trade union renewal strategies in different industrial relation models;
  • To raise awareness of the European agenda on quality education, social dialogue and decent jobs including the European Pillar of Social Rights and the Future of Europe.

Participants will be equipped with strategic communication skills and competences to address the needs, perceptions and attitudes of those underrepresented, new or young teachers who are more at risk of leaving the profession earlier. These training workshops will form the basis of an “ETUCE Action Plan on trade union renewal and organising” and supporting ETUCE member organisations in intensifying organising and servicing efforts towards the most marginalised and/or under-represented in their structures.