Recommendations on Mainstreaming Diversity and Tackling Inequalities (2014)

ETUCE Practical Guidelines on How to Prevent Early School Leaving through the Use of ICT in Education (2014)

Practical recommendations on the promotion of healthy and safe working conditions in education in times of the economic crisis (2014)

ETUCE guidelines to the EC’s public consultation on modalities for investment protection and ISDS in TTIP (2014)

Recommendations on organising researchers (2013)

High-level Proposals of the Social Partners to guide the way forward for a strengthened cooperation between the Commission's education and training services and the European social partners (2013)

ETUCE Standing Committee Equality Guidelines for Implementing 2011/12 Equality Recommendations (2013)

ETUCE Guidelines on how teacher unions can contribute to mitigating and tackling gender stereotypes in education and gender segregation in the labour market (2013)

How to Prevent and Mitigate Third-Party Violence and Harassment in Schools: Implementation Guide for the Education Sector of the Multi-Sectoral Guidelines to Tackle Third-Party Violence and Harassment Related to Work (2013)

Recommendation by the ETUCE Equality Committee on Reconciliation of work and family life (2011-2012)