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Realising that successful social dialogue is crucial when address the inclusion of migrants and refugees in education systems, ETUCE and EFEE will be starting the project “European Sectoral Social Partners in Education promoting effective integration of migrants and refugees in education”. The two year project (December 2017- November 2019) is co-funded by the European Commission and aims to promote successful methods of migrant education in schools as well as evaluating current policies and practices, which will result in a concrete set of proposals and recommendations for national member organisations and governments. The project will consist of three case study visits to Spain, Serbia and Belgium which will be followed by two seminars in Denmark and Cyprus as well as the production research-report, video documentary, practical guidelines and a draft quality framework of effective practices. The project will then conclude with a final conference and the dissemination of the project outcomes with the aim of improving practices in regards to integrating migrants and refugees in to education systems and schools.

Advisory Group

The advisory group is responsible for carrying out the planning, organisation and evaluation of the project. The members came from seven national education trade unions and from the European Federation of Education Employers (EFEE). As ESSDE delegates and Working Group members, they were chosen to ensure a geographical spread and to enable an exchange of expertise on the current and best practices for aiding the integration of migrants and refugees in education systems and schools.

The advisory group consists of representatives from the following organisations: DLF (Denmark), ACOD-CGSP (Belgium), OELMEK (Cyprus), SVIZ (Slovenia), FesP-UGT (Sapin), TUS (Serbia)

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EU flagThis project is carried out with the financial support of the European Commission